Create Code 39 Barcodes in SAP Crystal Reports

Step 1. Add a new formula

  • Open the field Explorer: View > Field Explorer
Add a new formula for Code 39  barcodes
  • Select Formula Fields and click on New
  • Enter a name for the new formula.
Enter formula name - MyCode39Barcode

Step 2. Locate the Code 39 Functions

  • The functions may be listed under one of these two locations:
    Functions > Additional Functions > Visual Basic UFLs (u2lcom.dll)
    Functions > Additional Functions > COM and .NET UFLs (u212com.dll)
  • Enter the function name and argument into the editor:
    Code39 ({Items.item_barcode}).
  • If your data field is numeric, it should be convert to text:
    Code39 (ToText({Items.item_price}, 0, ''))
Enter formula name - MyCode39Barcode

Step 3. Add a barcode to the report

  • Drag the formula from Field Explorer to the report
Add barcode to the report
  • Change the font properties to:
    Font Name: BCW_Code39h_1
    Font Size: 48
Add barcode to the report

The report is now ready

  • Click on Preview to see or print it.
Print preview the report