Create Interleaved 2 of 5 barcode labels with MS Word Mail Merge

Create Interleaved 2 of 5 barcode labels using data from Excel or another source (text files, databases, Outlook, and others).

Interleaved 2 of 5 barcode labels in Word Mail Merge using data from Excel

Step 1. Open the Labels wizard

  • Open the Mailings tab and click on Start Mail Merge > Labels
Word Mail Merge - Labels

Step 2. Select label format

  • Select the label format you would like to use. We are using Avery 5163 Shipping Labels here.
Select your label for barcode layout

Step 3. Select Source of Data

  • Click on Select Recipients > Use Existing List
Select Excel sheet with barcode numbers
  • Select the Excel file you would like to use.
Excel spreadsheet with Code 39 barcode numbers
  • Click OK to open Sheet1 (the default setting here).
Select Sheet (use default here)

Step 4. Insert and position the fields

  • Insert the merge items into the top-left label, as shown.
Insert Excel fields into the label

Step 5. Add brackets around the data

  • Put brackets around any text field you wish to convert to barcodes. In this example, the Barcode text field in each label will be converted into a barcode. The other fields will remain unchanged.
Surround barcode data with square brackets

Step 6. Update and position labels

  • Click on Update Labels to copy the fields into the other labels on the page.
  • To center, click Ctrl+A followed by Ctrl+E
Update labels and center

Step 7. Convert All

  • Open the Add-Ins tab and click on Convert All to finish the Mail Merge and create the Code 128 barcodes.
  • You may print or save the labels now.
Update labels and center