BarCodeWiz WinForms Control

Barcode Control For Windows Forms

  • Create barcodes in Windows Forms
  • Barcodes are generated dynamically as GIF, PNG, or JPEG images. .
  • Written entirely in .NET managed code. Compatible with C#, VB.NET, and other .NET languages.
  • Supports Code 39, Code 39 Extended, Code 128 A,B,C, and Auto, Code 11, Code 93, Codabar, MSI Plessey, Standard 2 of 5, Interleaved 2 of 5, GS1-128 (UCC/EAN-128), UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN 13, EAN 8
  • Easily add barcodes to data controls using data binding.
  • Royalty-Free Distribution

How To Add a Barcode To Your Windows Forms project

Step 1. Add control to Toolbox

Right-click in the Toolbox area and click "Choose Items..."

In the "Choose Toolbox Items" window, click on "Browse..."

Navigate to BarCodeWiz.WinForms.dll and select it.

Step 2. Insert the barcode control

The control is now in the Toolbox. Drag it to a form to add a barcode.

Customize the properties of the control

Step 3. Publish the project

That's all there is to it. Barcodes are created as embedded images created in the selected image format.

The software is amazingly easy to use, very efficient, and was one of the cheapest options that we looked at.

Neil Moore, Continental Airlines Technology

The best product I have found to maintain our database of bar codes - very easy to convert numeric values to barcodes.

Tom H., Mambo Design, MN

We needed a quick simple low cost solution to add Barcodes to our MS Access applications. After evaluation of half a dozen or so applications, we decided to use Barcodewiz, mainly because of its simple integration to MS Office. We would have no hesitation in recommending this software.

John S Smith, ICT Manager,
DAMS Furniture Ltd

We found BarCodeWiz to be easy to install and our internal city customer have found it easy to use. When we compared it to other solutions, we found it to be a robust solution for our investment.

Mike Watson
Technology Services
City and County of Denver

I knew what I needed and wanted simple, quick, and cost effective. That is what I got with barcodewiz.

Marlea Wilson,
Let's Make Cookies,
Maple Valley, WA

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