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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to purchase any additional software?
A: No, BarCodeWiz ActiveX is all you need to print barcodes. We include a stand-alone barcode generator, but you can also print barcodes from within your favorite programs, such as MS Access, Excel, Word, or others.
Q: Do I need to purchase barcode fonts in addition to the ActiveX control?
A: No, BarCodeWiz ActiveX does not use barcode fonts in any way, which is why it is so flexible. Instead, barcodes are created and printed as images.
Q: How soon will I get the program after purchase?
A: You will be able to download the program immediately after purchase. The download details will be displayed on the confirmation page and your e-mail.
Q: Is there a time limit to the trial?
A: Yes, the Trial versions may be used for evaluation purposes only for a period of no more than 90 days.  After this period you must either discontinue the use of the software or purchase a User or Developer license. Also, the difference between the trial and the full version is the word "DEMO" displayed on the barcodes. You may use the trial version only to test the software.
Q: My scanner will not scan the barcodes printed with BarCodeWiz ActiveX. What do I do?
A: Possible reasons are:
  • Your scanner does not support the symbology (barcode type) used, or it is not enabled. For example, many scanners have Code 128 disabled by default. See your scanner manual for instructions on changing the settings.
  • The barcode printed is too small. Increase the XDimension property of the barcode to make the barcode wider.
  • The contrast between foreground and background colors is too low. For best performance, print black on white.
  • If you are still having difficulties, please contact us.
Q: How do I read barcodes from my scanner?
A: Most scanners are keyboard-wedge scanners, which means they plug directly into the keyboard port on your computer. When you scan a barcode, the barcode text is transmitted, and is usually terminated with a special character, such as Carriage Return. The computer makes no distinction between the scanner and the keyboard. Capturing barcode data is as simple as having focus in a text box, and checking for a key down event. When Carriage Return is encountered, the scan is finished. See our MS Access demo for a working example.
Q: How do I enter special characters (such as return or tab) into the barcode?
A: In symbologies which support special characters (such as Code 128), you can enter any of the ASCII 128 decimal values by prefixing them with the caret (^), for example: ^009 will produce a tab character.
Q: What type of printer do I need to print barcodes?
A: Any Windows printer will work, although we recommended a laser printer with DPI of 300 or higher. If the DPI of your printer is lower, you may need to make barcodes larger to compensate for lower resolution.
Q: BarCodeWiz adds an extra character to the end of the barcode. How can I prevent that?
A: Make sure the property OptionalCheckChar is set to No_Check_Char (this is the default). If that does not help, then check your scanner settings. Most scanners can be configured to transmit the check digit/character along with the barcode text.
Q: I would like to print some characters in the barcode, but do not wish to show them in text below. How can I do that?
A: Set BarcodeTextPosition to No_Text (0) and use the BottomText property instead. This will hide the barcode text and essentially replace it with anything else you wish to print. Please note that control characters (such as tab or line feed) do not show as barcode text.
Q: I have installed the full version, but it still shows DEMO on barcodes.
A: There may be several reasons for this, but this is usually fixed by re-installing the program and rebooting the computer. Also, make sure you have the latest version installed.
Q: How do I Uninstall?
A: All of our software may be uninstalled simply from: Start Menu > All Programs > BarCodeWiz XX > Uninstall
Q: There are 5 users printing barcodes on one machine. Which license do I need to purchase?
A: The 5-user license.
Q: I am a developer, creating an application for a single client. Do I need to purchase the Developer License, or will two User Licenses be enough?
A: If you purchase a single Developer License, your client will not need to purchase any User Licenses (no matter how many users), as long as barcodewiz ActiveX is only used within your application. On the other hand, if your client will be the only user of your program, then two Single User Licenses (one for you and one for your client) will be enough.
Q: If I purchase the developer license, do I need to purchase additional user licenses for myself or my clients?
A: No. You may distribute the file barcodewiz.dll along with your application to an unlimited number of users at no extra charge. However, the ActiveX may not be used in design mode on your client's machine. It may only be used within your application, and your application must add significant features to what is offered by BarCodeWiz ActiveX.
Q: I have purchased the Single User license. Can I upgrade to the Developer License, and how much does it cost?
A: We offer upgrades for only the difference in price within 30 days of your purchase. After 30 days, we offer a 50% discount off the price you have already paid.