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I came across BarcodeWiz OnLabel while searching the internet for software that could print shelf edge labels with scannable barcodes form an Excel spreadsheet. BarcodeWiz OnLabel is the perfect solution for my requirements, it’s simple to use and produces fantastic labels with most importantly beautifully scannable barcodes.  Also their customer support is amazing, I would highly recommend this software.

Darren Raper A&I Supplies Manchester, UK

We develop mobile scanning applications for tracking mail and baggage. In order to test these applications we need to generate thousands of barcodes quickly and print them on plain paper. Your MS Excel Add-in solved that problem for us. We are able to take a snapshot from our production database, import it into excel and convert the data to barcodes within seconds. This enables us to recreate an entire scanning operation for a station in our test system without having to travel to the station saving us time and money. 

Neil Moore Continental Airlines Technology

We needed a quick simple low cost solution to add Barcodes to our MS Access applications. After evaluation of half a dozen or so applications, we decided to use Barcodewiz, mainly because of its simple integration to MS Office. We would have no hesitation in recommending this software.

John S Smith ICT Manager DAMS Furniture Ltd

We found BarCodeWiz to be easy to install and our internal city customer found it easy to use. When we compared it to other solutions, we found it to be a robust solution for our investment.

Mike Watson Technology Services City and County of Denver

The best product I have found to maintain our database of bar codes -- very easy to convert numeric values to barcodes and unlike other products, BarCodeWiz seamlessly converts multiple values with one mouse click.

Tom H. Mambo Design Edina, MN

I have found bar code wiz incredibly easy to use. I use your barcode program for sales sheets for my sales reps. Before your program our customers had to enter the 12 digit UPC number on every order. Now our customers scan the barcode and their orders are easily uploaded into their system. I tested out a few competitors products before I bought the bar code wiz. Bar code wiz was by far the easiest to use. I am not that computer proficient so I needed something easy to install and easy to use. Barcodewiz fit the bill perfectly.


We had just put in a new warehouse / point of sale system for our wholesale business and needed to barcode all of our products. Barcodewiz has been a very simple solution to our needs. It is easy to use, easy to understand and has worked very well for us.

Lynn Berry Complice Pty Ltd Malven East, Australia

We used Barcodewiz as an integrated barcoding feature of our retail software. It is simple, stable and works excellently. Really have no complaints.

Alden Möller Alien Software Cape Town, South Africa

BarCodeWiz was recommended to me by my supervisor about 4 years ago. We needed a way to generate bar-coded labels from Microsoft Access reports. The product installed effortlessly and the VBA code that came with the software worked without modification. I haven't researched any competitive products because yours worked so well. I have recommended it to other programmers as well.

Ernest Sersen

My company uses barcodewiz all the time and we are very happy with it. One time our system crashed and we lost everything. Barcodewiz kindly replaced the software and helped us get back to normal no charge.

Charles Waye Jeune Metal Products Ltd. Markham, Ontario

I needed to be able to embed a barcode in several documents - using a card for customer charges in a POS system. [...] Works as advertised... very good product.

Thomas Wootton BRM, Inc Kingston, OK

PROs: The software is easy to use with all Microsoft Office products including Office 2007. After reviewing most of BarCodeWiz's top competitors' offerings, I selected BarCodeWiz due to its advertised functionality, ease of use and cost effective pricing structure (i.e. single user corporate license). The software delivered as advertised exceeding my most ambitious expectations. I currently use it as an active X add-in control for a Microsoft Access 2007 barcode labeling application that I developed. Using BarCodeWiz, labels print fast, accurate and most of all, BarCodeWiz's active X control has performed totally bug-free. BarCodeWiz offers a wide assortment of symbologies, flexibility in the scaling and sizing of barcodes, is printer independent and allows for the fast development of professional looking barcode labels. BarCodeWiz is easy to install and intuitive to use when designing labels, etc. by utilizing the properties tab when designing/defining a label. CONS: Originally, I was under the impression that in order to provide barcode functionality to an Access applications, one only needed to copy a .dll file to the application. I later found out that in order to have barcode functionality, one needs to install BarCodeWiz.dll on each machine that the application will be installed on. This was no big deal but caused a little confusion at first. In closing - this is an EXCELLENT piece of software and is a great value proposition! As barcodes become more important in warehousing and commerce applications, so does the ability to design, develop and print your own barcode labels.

Mike Newsome Warehouse Manager

BarCodeWiz was extremely helpful in printing our name badges for required training. We used the barcodes to track attendees entering and exiting the classroom. This eliminated the need for sign-in sheets. We were also able to then merge the scan data with our name database and file our attendees hours electonically instead of mannually. Since we have 350 attendees at our annual seminar this was extremely useful to use. The original install and use of the product was a breeze. It was very easy to merge the barcode with our Access data base and then print the barcode on their name badges. The participants wore the name badges and were easily scanned in and out. We used opticon opn-2001 hand scanners to scan individuals. I have also used it to merge data in a word document and this worked well. The only draw back I have found is when I updated to the latest version I had to complety redo the link in microsoft access to print the barcode. Access would not automatically read the existing info from the old barcode that was programed into the field. The field had to be deleted and then redone.

Kevin Rank Tonawanda, NY

I work for a medium size nonprofit organization as an IT Director and must wear many hats. Here is one of the ways your software helps me: using Mail Merge with MS Word, I put the members' ID number in a barcode that we scan for attendance. We also put their barcode on forms that we ask them to fill out and return to us. I am sorry but nothing comes to mind regarding what would improve the software. Your software does what I need it to do all the time and I would be lost without it.

Danny Blackman Dunn, NC

A company we were building products for wanted the packing slip list of products to be barcoded. We needed a program that would work with Microsoft Access 2003, and yours does. It only took about 30 minutes to design and have the report done using BarCodeWiz. We are really happy with it.

Richard Gump Custom Developer

We wanted to set up a simple stock control system for our craft salesroom, so we needed to create labels which could have data encoded and could be read by the barcode reader we used for the library. BarCodeWiz was easy for a non technical person, and I was making barcodes within a few minutes of first installing the software. It really is easy to use and intuitive. I have now demonstrated our system to two other craft groups, and have recommended your software. I liked being able to use a demo version first. This assured me that the software would do what I wanted, and was simple to install and use.

Susan Blood

I needed help to quickly design a simple barcode printing solution for our container tracking system. I searched the web to find the fonts. BarCodeWiz had a fair price and exactly the tools I needed to incorporate the fonts into our Access based system.

Kevin McIntosh Pain Enterprises, Inc.

I had just created a new consumer product and needed to produce bar codes for it. It was relatively easy to produce the bar code, esp with the immediate help I received from your help desk. Works great, great price!

Tally Oliveau Papier Studio, LLC

It's a good buy, fast and hassle free.

Borhan Rahman

I just wanted to find software that supplies my barcode system in Excel and I am happy now. I found the solution without buying the barcode printer by means of your software. I can advise my friends to buy your software.

Erhan Çakmak, General Manager HAVAK Havacılık Ltd co. Istanbul, Turkey

[...] we are only printing one number on a small 1 inch label. A wand then reads the label and even though the label is small it still reads it correctly. We are very happy with the support that you have provided. We will be purchasing the web version from you in the future.

Steve Pearson Boulder, CO

I bought Your software for a customer, because I needed a 2of5i-font in a program for this customer. Useful was, that Your font was easy to use with an algorithm to calculate a bc25i-string. I have tried this with software from a competitor, but it was not so easy as Your font. If someone asked me, I could say 'Take it!' without any inhibition. Today, I have actually no tasks with barcode-fonts, but I remember Your organisation if I have to do another task like this.

Werner Pick-Noteborn I.M.A. GbR Bonn, Germany

We were originally looking for a barcode generating application that was directly compatible with MS Office and was easy to use. Further to this, the application had to be compatible with Crystal Reports. We needed a reliable and efficient means to track our processes through to fruition. We were relatively new to barcoding, and the free trial allowed us to accurately assess your product. It was certainly more easily implemented and accessible than other products available at the time. The feedback on what package was appropriate for our needs was also very friendly, and the support assistance we received in implementing the software was very friendly. On a number of occasions, I have recommended your software to other acquaintances and peers outside of our company when they inquire about how our processes work.

Paul Brand

I really like using your software it's very easy to use.

Brett Skinner

Ease of use, accuracy and price/performance were reasons for choosing BarCodeWiz.

Steve Karten Visage Systems

BarcodeWiz is a great tool and it helps us a lot in the performance of our label printing. It is easy to use and handle within the plant.


I found your software on the internet, looking for a program that would insert barcodes into an Excel spreadsheet I keep to create tags for our products. I love almost everything about it. It is very user friendly and easy to learn. If you want to change the barcode format, that is easy too. Any change is a no-brainer. It makes beautiful clear barcodes--we've never had any problem with any of them. Also customer support has always been available, helpful and friendly. That's saying a lot these days!

Monelle M. Richmond

We purchased the software in order to automate the identification of our customers via a hand held device. This identification was key to enforce the visit and therefore the service provided by our salesmen. I think the download of this software was very easy and I had no problem to check the software possibilities and make a few printing tests

Victor Lopez

Our warehouse moved to a barcode only inventory management software system requiring all our vendors to barcode label product and cartons before shipping to us. Without barcoding first, the product can't be received into inventory or shipped out. While most of our suppliers can easily handle this labeling request, many of the smaller vendors couldn't With Barcode Wiz, I have now been able to easily generate images of the barcode labels needed, e-mail to them along with my purchase orders and they are now able to easily print and apply the required barcodes. Because I generate the UPC barcodes for them I'm able to add p.o. numbers and descriptions and text onto to the labels which makes things very easy to receive and identify by our warehouse. Before Barcode Wiz, I had to go to the time and expense of printing (via another software package called Bartender) the labels and sending them to these vendors which was pain in the wazzoo. Before finding Barcode Wiz, I tried another software package compatible with Excel (can't remember the name off the top of my head) and it was not usable because nobody could see or print the barcode images that I sent to them (unless that person also had the same software on their computer).

Greg Zitzer Operations and Purchasing Manager ICU Eyewear

When a major customer required us to barcode our parts, we did an internet search and chose barcodewiz based on the following: 1. compatibility with the customer's request, 2. ease of use with MS Office, and 3. value. Now we are using barcodewiz for several customers with different barcode types. Since our products are serialized, we appreciate the way barcodewiz integrates with MS Office mail-merge. Barcodewiz is easy to use and it does the job. Thanks for making a reasonably priced, trouble-free product.

Larry Perillo Fermionics Opto-Technology

I needed to be able to create bar codes in Excel and generate check digits, etc.[...] I've always been very happy with your software - no need to look any further. One time my program got corrupted somehow and it was out of warranty - and you helped me download a fresh copy. The software does everything it is supposed to do....

Douglas Stein Mad by Design

When I found BarCodeWiz online I was looking for a way to reduce the cost of buying barcodes. We're a small school library with a small budget. Downloading the demo showed me that it was just the program I needed. BarCodeWiz has been great for creating my own barcodes and the support has been excellent.

Sue Langpap

I currently use BarCodeWiz in an MS-Access database application I created for the purpose of generating barcode labels for subsequent application onto our medication canisters (Talyst provides value-added solutions to the pharmacy sector). I'm extremely happy with BarCodeWiz. I'm most impressed with its flexibility and easy to understand interface. It couldn't be easier to use. I didn't need to compare your product against any others, as it fit perfectly into our application (which is used almost constantly) within minutes of trying it. I would highly recommend BarCodeWiz to anyone needing a powerful, yet highly and easily configurable barcode utility for both simple and complex applications.

Dave Entenman Sustaining Engineering Manager TALYST

BarCodeWiz is a product I would continue to recommend to any of my customers. I could not find a product on the market that was as comprehensive in the types of barcode labels it can produce with the ability to fine tune the output to meet my customers' needs. (I was up and running producing barcode labels within minutes!) The support from BarCodeWiz has always been nothing short of exceptional...

Bob Albert Senior Wireless Engineer Major US Wireless Carrier

We were looking for an inexpensive, flexible, and easy-to-use barcode system that would fit into our existing windows-based system. Your software fit our needs very well.


We use your component for 5 main reasons : - no bugs found - easy to use - smaller size - small memory used - easy Office integration I bought the developer licence beacause I needed to include it in my application package installation. I hope these few words will help potential customer to choose the best barcode component.


We have been very happy with barcodewiz. We use it to track our certified mail. We create a barcode (in addition to USPS) when a letter is being sent out, and can use our barcode scanner when it comes back! We create barcodes for our invoices too! Tracking payments is always good.

Marty Honn

I use BarCodeWiz to make barcodes for all my bid sheets and bidder stickers. I have been using BarCodeWiz 2.0 for several years now and have had no problems with it. I have BarCodeWiz loaded as a .DLL on my base computer at the events so I can make new bid sheets and bidder stickers on the fly. I have never had an instance where BarCodeWiz gave me an incorrect or unreadable barcode. Thanks for the great program, it has helped me help charities raise over $500,000 in the last several years.

Craig van der Smissen Pearland, TX

As a small business owner, I needed a way to create barcodes for customers requiring individual barcodes by title. BarCodeWiz software provided an economical and simple way to produce readable barcodes right now. I did not research many options, I knew what I needed and wanted simple, quick, and cost effective. That is what I got with barcodewiz.

Marlea Wilson Lets Make Cookies Maple Valley, WA

We had a requirement to automatically generate barcode images from a barcode number. These barcodes were to be placed on our map products. This automated an otherwise manual process. Most useful part of the software was the API that allowed us to integrate BarCodeWiz smarts into our Visual Basic code. BarCode wiz also had some great GUI examples for creating barcodes based on your own settings. BarCodeWiz was one of the first barcode toolsets we found, and it was reasonably priced. We tested it and it worked for our requirements. We looked into other products but did not thoroughly test them. I would recommend BarCodeWiz if it suits your business needs,. It has certainly been useful for our organisation.

John Anderson, Program Leader (GIS Systems & Development) Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

I have been using your software for a few years and I am very happy with it. The application is quick to install, very reliable with a superb Microsoft Office integration.

Saul Gvili Irvine, CA

It's a program we use regularly to allow us to scan versus keystroke data.

Don Rogers, Corporate Logistics Manager SAS Institute Cary, NC

I began using BarCode Wiz back in 2005 when I needed to print warehouse rack labels for our WMS implementation. BarCodeWiz was tremendously flexible in allowing us to print both standard pallet rack labels (3" x 5" with human readable text) and "Man Down" barcode location labels to assist our fork lift operators in scanning the higher level locations from the floor. The flexibility of the various symbologies is also very useful. The scanning of these labels has been flawless since the installation over 4 years ago. We utilize Excel as our main program for using BarCodeWiz. With every new rack we have installed, we have utilized BarCodeWiz to create the rack labels. It is so easy to increase the height and width of the barcode to customize our labels perfectly. We have also used this software to create employee badges for scanning into our Time & Attendance system. Again, the ease of the software gives us the ability to customize any type of barcode we need to create. Thanks BarCodeWiz for such useful software!

A. Farrar Industrial Engineer The Swiss Colony

You have a great product. You helped me quite a bit when I started.


What more can I say than WOW! The activex BarcodeWiz is so friendly to use that everybody can use it without any programming experience. I used it in my Visual Basic program and it work just fine. I print a lot of barcode every day and I can say that it save me time and money. And the service is so extraordinary and very fast. If you have any question, they will be happy to answer you. The people are great and take time to listen to you. Customers are not just a number. I won't hesitate to do business with them in the future and I recommend this product to everybody. Two thumbs up

Marc-Eric Boisvert Programmer Analysist Technologies Nter - Part of the Government of Canada

Recently we opened a new women's fashion store. The clothes we negotiate have their own labels with a lot of different (for us, unusable) barcodes. We had to develop our own clothes receiving and labeling system. (The one we first bought was unusable and returned) After creating the EAN codes with links to our data system we where out "shopping" for barcode fonts. We tested several vendors and found Barcodewiz as the definitive best solution for our purpose. Barcodewiz was easy to implement in our application and extremely easy to use (just as easy as changing fonts) Thank you GetMySystem.

Bent Th. Kolbeinsen AS Karmøy Motesalong Kopervik, Norway

I needed an easy quick way of adding barcodes to a Microsoft Access database I was writing. I have been an access programmer for over 10 years and this was simplest fastest and easiest way I have ever seen. If you need barcodes for office apps. Buy it, it is well worth the small investment.

Victor Manfredi IT Manager and MCP Pragotrade

Before using BarCodeWiz I had Nice Labels software. Nice Labels is the worst computer program I've ever used. I am so glad I switch to BarCodeWiz, it was worth every penny! BarCodeWiz is so easy to use and I never have any problems with it.

Christina Chase Los Angeles, CA

Whilst researching barcode creation software we could not find any products that allowed our developers to simply integrate barcode creation into our existing applications in such an easy way. The product comes with some great examples and it was a very short learning process to include the active x control into our corporate applications.

Andy Hockenhull Lexington London, UK

We found ourselves needing to make barcodes for our invoices but had specific size restrictions that needed to be considered. After trying several trial versions of other manufacturers software we were told about your software from one of our other departments who was already using your software. After running a few tests and contacting Barcodewiz to make some size alterations we were able to finally decide on your software. We found that the ease of use, helpful staff, and flexibility of your company made it the best choice for all our needs. Thanks again for all your help.

Robert Carnegie Helpdesk Analyst Vancouver, B.C.

My small business need for a barcode generator was urgent. I needed just 11 barcodes a year for the front cover of a new magazine I planned to publish in June 2007. The distributors insisted there had to be a bar code.I tried professional barcode designers - too expensive! I tried some freeware - it didn't do what I wanted or meet the distributor's specifications. With a couple of months to go, I started to experiment with commercial barcode software packages.Four top brands were tested and the last one I tested was BarCode Wiz. The others were really hard to figure and did not seem able to meet the technical specifications of the particular barcode I required. Finally, I tried BarCode Wiz and it proved to be the only one I could figure out. It gave me the right result after only a little head-scratching.My magazine was successfully launched and is now the leading magazine in its niche in Australia, with all barcodes professionally created by BarCode Wiz. It's just a few minutes work to modify the previous barcode for each new issue, save it and place it on the front cover. The barcodes read perfectly every time. I look forward to launching my next magazine title and will use BarCode Wiz for that as well.Thanks guys! You were part of making my magazine launch possible and you've saved me heaps of money.

John Leah Editor and Publisher Mediamatic Pty Ltd

This is a great product and the tech support and follow up is amazing. Thank you BarCodeWiz.

Carol Williams ECBlend Flavors

I can only flatter the simplicity of this barcode utility and compliment you or the team who developed this truly wizard software. Its integration with MS Office has simplified my life and ability to flexibly use this tool in each and every way I desire. I don't know what you have to add to it but personally it provides me with all the facilities I need to complete my work.