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Create Mail Merge Barcodes

Create Mail Merge Barcodes using BarCodeWiz OnLabel

  • This tutorial shows how to create barcode labels using Excel data.
  • Follow the steps below, or simply watch the video.

Step 1. Import Excel data

  • Click on Data Table > Import Excel Spreadsheet

  • Browse for your Excel file.

  • Preview file contents and click OK.

Step 2. Insert a Barcode Control

  • Select desired barcode type.

Step 3. Bind your data to the barcode control

  • Drag the column heading onto the barcode.

  • Drop the column heading onto the barcode.
  • This binds (connects) the column values to the barcode

  • Drop the other columns on the label to create bound text.
  • Position the fields in the label

That's it! You are ready to print.

  • Go to File > Print
  • Select the labels and click Print.