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Print a Specific Quantity of Labels using BarCodeWiz OnLabel

Print a Specific Quantity of Labels with BarCodeWiz OnLabel

  • This tutorial shows how to easily print your own desired amount of labels. The number can be fixed or variable. One can use data from a table, or set a constant amount of repetitions.
General view at OneLabel

Step 1. Create your own sheet of labels

  • Create your own labels, or use our example (see Documents\BarCodeWiz OnLabel\Examples).
  • In this tutorial, we are going to use a file Example - . 
  • For more info on how to create your own labels, see here

Step 2. Prepare a column with quantities to print

  •  Click Data Table on the Ribbon and then Text Column to add a column.
Click "Data Table" on the Ribbon and then "Text Column" to add a column.

  • Populate it with desired quantities.
Populate your column with quantities that you want to be printed

Step 3. Set up the Printout

  • Click on File.
Click "File" at the ribbon menu to access print options

  • From the Records drop down menu, select Data Merge.
Select "Data Merge" from "Records" drop down menu to enable printing all records from a table or column

  • Select Quantity From Table.
Select "Quantity From Table" to select which column holds the records with quantities

Select Source Column

  • Select a column which will be used as a source of quantities to print. In our case, select Units In Stock.

HINT! Notice, that in section Layout  you can edit where should you start your printout (useful when the page was only partially printed before).

Select a column that holds the record with quantities of labels to print.


  • Click on Print.
Click on "Print" to print the labels