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Create Sequential Barcodes

Create a sequential barcode labels in BarCodeWiz OnLabel

  • This tutorial shows how to create barcode labels with incrementing values.
  • Follow the steps below, or simply watch the video.

Step 1. Select label layout

  • Click on Change Label
Select a new label format, by clicking on the Change Label button on the Ribbon

  • Select Avery 5159
Select Label Format

Step 2. Insert a Code 128 Barcode into the label

  • Click on Barcode > Code 128
Select Symbology from the drop-down list, by clicking on the Barcode button

Step 3. Add an Auto Increment column

  • Click on Data Table > Auto Increment Column
Add an Auto Increment column

  • Enter the auto increment range and options you'd like to use.
  • The settings shown below will create 100 rows with values from P-10001 to P-10100
Enter the auto-increment range and options you'd like to use in the new column

Step 4. Bind the data column to the barcode

  • Simply drag Column1 onto the barcode
  • Optionally, drag the column onto the label to create a bound text box.
Bind the data column to the barcode by dragging it onto the barcode

Step 5. Select Records and Print

  • Go to File > Print
  • Select the records to print (select All Records to print all 100 labels)
Printing settings. Select Data Merge and All Records to print the labels using data in your table