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QR Code Explained

What is QR Code? How can I make my own QR Code?

QR Code (short for Quick Response Code) is a very popular in last years 2D barcode symbology, which can be easily scanned and is error-proof. Used worldwide in all possible applications, ranging from mobile phones to warehousing. Error correction algorithms used in QR Codes make it easy to scan, even when the scanner and the barcode move.  

To make a proper, well scanning QR Code one needs to know a few basic properties that are being used here:

Error Correction 

Allows a partially damaged barcode to be scanned successfully. A higher Error Correction Level allows a higher percentage of the barcode to be damaged or obstructed. It also increases the overall size of the barcode.
There are four Error Correction Levels:
- L (low)
- M (Medium)
- Q (quartile) 
- H (High)

X dimension

is a size of the smallest dot in QR Code. It is presented in "Mils". 1 inch = 1000 Mils.

Quiet Zone

is a margin with a clear space around the QR Code. Quiet Zone is measured in multiples of XDimension.

Size and Data Amount

QR Codes can store a lot of data. Depending on X-dimension, error correction level and  size it can hold up to 7098 characters (Lowest level of correction and size of 40 - depicted as 40-L). 


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