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QR Code Barcodes with SQL Server Reporting Services SSRS

How to create barcodes in SSRS using BarCodeWiz QR Code Fonts

  • This tutorial shows how you can add QR Code 2D barcodes to SQL Server Reporting Services.
  • See the video or simply follow the steps below.

Before You Begin

Step 1. Configure Report Properties

  • Open Properties Window - right-click in the report background area and click Report Properties...

Add Reference:

  • In the Report Properties window, select the References section.
  • 1) Click Add to add the assembly.
  • 2) Type: BarCodeWizFonts.QrCode.
  • 3) Click Add to add a class instance.
  • 4) Type BarCodeWizFonts.QrCode.QrCodeFonts for class name and MyQrCode for instance name.

Step 2. Insert a Text Box

  • Insert a text box into the report by dragging one of the columns from your DataSet.
  • In this example, the text box is placed inside a Table

Step 3. Edit Text Box Properties

  • Right-Click > Expression...

  • Edit the expression as shown

  • Let's preview the report. It should look like this:

Step 4. Set Font Properties

  • Set Font Name to: BCW_QR

NOTE:  For smaller barcodes, you can set the point size as low as 2pt

The Result

  • The report is now ready.

Combine Data from Two or More Fields

  • Two fields separated by space:

    =Code.MyQRCode.Encode( Fields!item_sku.Value + " " +

  • Two fields separated by comma:

    =Code.MyQRCode.Encode( Fields!item_sku.Value + "," +

  • Two fields separated by TAB (ASCII code 009):
    =Code.MyQRCode.Encode( Fields!item_sku.Value + "^009" +