Create Sequential Barcodes

Step 1. Insert a Code 128 Barcode into the label

  • Click on Barcode > Code 128
Insert a barcode object

Step 2. Add an Auto Increment column

  • Click on Data Table > Auto Increment Column
Add auto increment column
  • Enter the auto increment range and options you'd like to use.
  • The settings shown below will create 1000 rows with values from P-1001 to P-2000
Set auto increment options

Step 3. Bind the data to the barcode

  • Simply drag Column1 onto the barcode
Bind column to the barcode
  • The barcode values are now bound to Column1.
Column is now bound to the barcode

Step 4. Select Records and Print

  • Go to File > Print
  • Select the records to print (select All to print all 1000 labels)
Select records to print