Create a Simple Barcode Sheet

Create a sheet of identical barcode labels in BarCodeWiz OnLabel

  • This tutorial shows how to create a sheet of barcodes for printing on a laser printer.
  • See a video version of this tutorial --->

Step 1. Select a new label format

  • Click on Change Label on the Ribbon
Click on Change Label
  • Select from one of the label layouts (or create your own)
Select a barcode label layout

Step 2. Insert a Code 128 Barcode into the label

  • Click on Barcode > Code 128
Insert a barcode object

Step 3. Edit the Barcode

  • Double click on the barcode to edit it.
Edit the barcode

Step 4. Center the Barcode in Label

  • Click to center within label.
Position the barcode
  • Set Anchor to middle-center. This ensures the barcode stays centered whenever it grows (or shrinks) with different data.
Position the barcode

That's it! You are ready to print.

  • Go to File > Print
  • Select Page of Labels and click Print.
Column is now bound to the barcode