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Barcode Labels Wizard in MS Access

Create Barcode Labels using Microsoft Access Label Wizard

  • This tutorial shows how to use the built-in Microsoft Access Label Wizard to create a page of Code 128 barcode labels
  • Watch the video, or follow the steps below

Step 1. Open Labels Wizard

  • With your data table selected, navigate to the Create tab, then under Reports section select the Labels Wizard icon.

Step 2. Edit Labels Using Label Wizard

  • In this example, we are using the Avery 5163 label.
  • Click Next

  • Use the Default options
  • Click Next

  • Add available fields into the label using the > button.
  • Important Note: After pressing >, press ENTER to make the next field go on a new line.
  • Click Next

  • Use the Default options.
  • Click Next

  • Select Modify the label Design radio button.
  • Click Finish to complete the Label Wizard.

Step 3. Import module with barcode functions.

  • Click on Database Tools tab > Visual Basic (or press Alt + F11).
Open the Visual Basic Editor in Access to import BarCodeWiz Code 128 module

Right-click on the database name and select "Import File"...

Right-click project name and select Import File to import BarCodeWizCode128 module

  • Select BarCodeWizCode128Dll.bas.
  • The default location of the file is:
    C:\Program Files\BarCodeWiz\BarCodeWiz Code 128 Fonts\BarCodeWizCode128Dll.bas

  • The following module should now be part of the Access file.

Step 4. Edit Report Record Source

  • Under the Design Tab, in the Tools Section, click on Property Sheet.

  • Set the Record Source to the data table
  • In this example, the Data Table selected is Items

Step 5. Update Barcode Textbox Properties

  • Select the item_barcode field in the design view, and set the control source by pressing the . . . button.

  • In the Expression Builder, navigate to Functions -> Database2 - > Font Functions and double-click on desired Code128 expression value.
  • Note: Before you double-click an expression value, make sure the Entry box is empty.
  • In this example, we are using Code128B expression, =BCW_Code128B()
  • The data column from the items table added earlier is item_barcode, therefore, the full expression syntax is the following: =BCW_Code128B([item_barcode])
  • Click OK

  • Again, select the item_barcode field.
  • Set the Font Name to a BarCodeWiz font of your choice, In this example the BCW_Code128B_3 font is used.
  • Set the Font Size so that the text is readable, In this example the Font Size is 18.

  • Finally, navigate to the Design Tab, and under Views select Print Preview.

  • Completed Labels ready for Printing.