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Barcodes in MS Publisher Mail Merge

Create Code 128 barcode labels in MS Publisher Mail Merge

  • In this tutorial, we will show you how to create Code 128 barcodes in Publisher based on data from an Excel table.
  • Follow the steps below, or watch the tutorial.

Step 1: Prepare Source of Data

  • In this example, we use a simple excel items table.

  • Click on Code 128 Options under the Add-ins tab.
  • Set the Barcode type to Code128B and click OK.

  • Convert the barcode column of the items table using the Selection To Barcodes button in the Add-ins tab.
  • Save the excel workbook.

Step 2. Switch to Microsoft Publisher and select label format

  • Select Avery 5160 as the template and click CREATE

Step 3. Select data source

  • Click on Select Recipients under the Mailings Tab, and select Use an Existing List.

  • Select the Excel file (Items.xlsx) file we prepared in Step 1 of this tutorial and click Open.

  • Click OK with the worksheet selected.

  • Click OK again.

Step 4. Insert, resize, and position the fields.

  • Under the Mailings tab, select Insert Merge Field and select our data fields.

  • Select the item_barcode field and change its font name and size.
  • Note: the font name should be the same as the font originally used when preparing the barcode data in Excel.
  • Note: The font point size alters the size of the barcode.

Step 5. Finalize and Preview

  • Under the Mailings tab, select Preview Results to visually inspect that the barcodes.
    The > arrow can be used to cycle through the items of the data source.

  • Next, under the Mailings tab select Finish & Merge and click on Merge to Printer.

Step 6. Print the barcode labels

  • Select desired print settings.
    In this example we are simply printing all five barcodes from the items data source.

  • The final result, using Printer XPS output.