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Data Matrix 2D barcodes in Crystal Reports using Developer License

Creating barcodes as a Developer in Crystal Reports is easy

  • The Developer License allows for royalty-free distribution of the control and fonts with your own reports.
  • A developer license will allow one person to create/edit/print the reports.
  • It also covers ANY number of end users (as long as the software is only used within your own reports). 


Step 1. Copy redistributable files

  • Copy contents of folder C:\Program Files\BarCodeWiz\BarCodeWiz Data Matrix Fonts\Crystal Reports\ to a destination server with Crystal Report
  • Note that Crystal Reports must have access to copied files and that Crystal Reports or simply the device on which it is installed may require restart.
  •  Right - click on install.bat and select Run as Administrator
Use option Run as administrator to execute the script registering COM files in the system

Step 2. Copy font files

  • BarCodeWiz Data Matrix Font file as by default placed here: C:\Program Files\BarCodeWiz\BarCodeWiz Data Matrix Fonts\Fonts\TrueType
  • Copy these files to a desired location, e.g. C drive of the server where the project is being developed. 
  •  Right-click on the font file and select: Install for all Users.
Installation of BarCodeWiz Data Matrix font files in system

That's it!

  • Happy barcoding!