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Data Matrix 2D Barcodes in SQL Server Reporting Services SSRS -As Images

How to (easily) create barcodes in SSRS

  • BarCodeWiz Data Matrix Fonts may be used to create barcodes as images in SSRS.
  • Follow the steps below to add barcodes to your own report.

Before You Begin

Step 1. Configure Report Properties

  • Open Properties Window - right-click in the report background area and click Report Properties...

Add Reference:

  • In the Report Properties window, select the References section.
  • 1) Click Add to add the assembly
  • 2) Type: BarCodeWizFonts.DataMatrix
  • 3) Click Add to add a class instance
  • 4) Type BarCodeWizFonts.DataMatrix.DataMatrixFonts for class name and MyDataMatrix for instance name

Step 2. Insert image

  • Insert an image into the report by dragging one of the columns from your DataSet.
  • In this example, the image is placed inside a Table.
Insert an image object into your report to encode Data Matrix barcode using BarCodeWiz Data Matrix Fonts

Step 3. Edit Image Properties.

  • 1) Right - click on an image and select Properties
  • 2) Select Database as the image source
  • 3) Select image/png as the MIME type
  • 4) Click on the Fx button to open the Expression window

  • Set the value for the expression:
=Code.MyDataMatrix.ToImageBytes( Code.MyDataMatrix.Encode( Fields!item_sku.Value, quietZoneWidth:=5 ), "BCW_DM", 8, 300.0 )
  • This creates a PNG image with font name BCW_DM, size 8pt, and resolution of 300DPI.
  • Replace item_sku with the name of the field from your dataset.

 NOTE:  For smaller barcodes, you can set the point size as low as 2pt

The report is ready!

  • Preview the generated report.
Preview of a report made in SSRS with barcodes encoded as images using BarCodeWiz Data Matrix Fonts