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UPC EAN Barcodes in Access using Developer License

Start creating barcodes as a Developer in Access in a few, simple steps

  • The Developer License allows for royalty-free distribution of the controls / libraries and fonts with your own reports.
  • A developer license will allow one person to create/edit/print the reports.
  •  It also covers ANY number of end users (as long as the software is only used within your own reports). 

Step 1. Ensure Access is closed

Step 2. Copy and install redistributable files

  • Browse to folder:
  • C:\Program Files\BarCodeWiz\BarCodeWiz UPC EAN Fonts\DotNet\ 
  • Copy the folder onto the destination computer
  • Right-click com_register.bat and select Run as administrator 

Step 3. Copy and install Fonts

  • Browse  to folder:
    C:\Program Files\BarCodeWiz\BarCodeWiz UPC EAN Fonts\Fonts
  • Copy the contents onto the destination computer (Windows\Fonts folder), or copy the files anywhere on destination computer, right-click them and select.: Install for all users .