Create barcode labels with Microsoft Word Mail Merge

Create UPC EAN barcode labels using data from Excel or another source (text files, databases, Outlook, and others).

Code 128 barcode labels in Word Mail Merge using data from Excel

Step 1. Open the Labels wizard

  • Open the Mailings tab and click on Start Mail Merge > Labels
Word Mail Merge - Labels

Step 2. Select label format

  • Select the label format you would like to use. We are using Avery 5163 Shipping Labels here.
Select your label for barcode layout

Step 3. Select Source of Data

  • Click on Select Recipients > Use Existing List
Select Excel sheet with barcode numbers
  • Select the Excel file you would like to use.
Excel spreadsheet with UPC A barcode numbers
  • Click OK to open Sheet1 (the default setting here).
Select Sheet (use default here)

Step 4. Insert and position the fields

  • Insert the merge items into the top-left label, as shown.
Insert Excel fields into the label

Step 5. Add brackets around the data

  • Put brackets around any text field you wish to convert to barcodes. In this example, the Barcode text field in each label will be converted into a barcode. The other fields will remain unchanged.
Surround barcode data with square brackets

Step 6. Update and position labels

  • Click on Update Labels to copy the fields into the other labels on the page.
  • To center, click Ctrl+A followed by Ctrl+E
Update labels and center

Step 7. Convert All

  • Open the Add-Ins tab and click on Convert All to finish the Mail Merge and create the Code 128 barcodes.
  • You may print or save the labels now.
Update labels and center