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Adjust Font Name and Point Size in Barcodes in MS Access

How to set font name and size in barcodes in Access

  • BarCodeWiz ActiveX allows you to adjust fonts of the text in each barcode, as shown here.

The Problem: Properties are Missing

  • The property grid of the control does not display any Font properties. Access prevents these properties from showing.
  • Please note BarcodeTextFontBottomTextFont, and TopTextFont properties are missing from the list.

The Solution: Use BarCodeWiz Class Object Properties Window

  • Right-click the control and select BarCodeWiz Class Object > Properties...

  • Adjust the font properties as required.

Want to see more Access examples with barcodes?

  • BarCodeWiz ActiveX comes with a number of Access examples. See:
    Documents\BarCodeWiz Examples\Barcode ActiveX Control\barcodewiz.mdb