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Print a Sheet of Identical Barcode Labels in Word

Create a sheet of identical barcode labels in Microsoft Word

  • This tutorial shows how to create barcode labels with the help of BarCodeWiz ActiveX in MS Word.

Step 1. Open the Labels Wizard

  • Click on Mailings tab > Labels

Step 2. Select label format

  • Click on Options... to select the format of the label.

  • Select a format from the list and click OK.
  • (Optionally): To create your own custom label, click on New Label... instead.

Step 3. Add text data for the label

  • Enter the label text into the Address box.
  • Important: Any text you wish to convert to barcode should be enclosed with brackets, for example: [ABC-10001]

  • Click the New Document button

  • In the newly created document, press Ctrl+A followed by Ctrl+E to center labels.

Step 4. Convert All

  • Click Convert All on the toolbar to create the barcodes from the text. You may print the labels now or save the document for later.