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Returns or sets the Error Correction Level in a QR Code barcode. Does not affect other barcode types.

Error correction allows a partially damaged barcode to be scanned successfully. A higher Error Correction Level allows a higher percentage of the barcode to be damaged or obstructed. It also increases the overall size of the barcode.


BarCodeWiz1.QRCodeErrorCorrectionLevel [ = enum]


The settings for enum are:


Constant Description
ECLevel_L Default setting. Error correction level L. Allows for recovery of up to 7% of the symbol data.
ECLevel_M Error correction level M. Allows for recovery of up to 15% of the symbol data.
ECLevel_Q Error correction level Q. Allows for recovery of up to 25% of the symbol data.
ECLevel_H Error correction level H. Allows for recovery of up to 30% of the symbol data.