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VerticalBarTextEntry allows for entering of TopText and BottomText by setting the Barcode value in the format Barcode|TopText|BottomText


By setting this property to True, it's possible to data-bind the values of text above and below the barcode.


For example, the following sets Barcode value to "123456", TopText value to "Price: $3.50", and BottomText to "Milk 1 gal":

BarCodeWiz1.VerticalBarTextEntry = True
BarCodeWiz1.Barcode = "123456|Price: $3.50|Milk 1 gal"


BarCodeWiz1.VerticalBarTextEntry [ = boolean]


The settings for boolean are:


Value Description
True Allow Vertical Bar Text Entry mode.
False Default setting. Vertical Bar Text Entry is disabled