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Create Dynamic Barcodes Using LinkedCell in Excel

  • This tutorial shows how to use the LinkedCell
    property to have your barcode update
    whenever the source cell changes.
  • See the video, or simply follow the steps below.

Step 1. Enable Developer Tab

  • Navigate to File -> Options

  • In Excel Options, select Customize Ribbon tab and make sure Developer entry is checked. Click OK.

Step 2. Insert ActiveX Control

  • Click on Developer tab > Insert > ActiveX Controls > More Controls.

  • Select BarCodeWiz Class and click OK.

  • Left-Click onto an empty area in Excel to insert the control.

Step 3. Link Barcode Control to Data Cell

  • Open the Properties window of the control.
  • Set the LinkedCell property to the source cell. For example, A1.
  • The cell is now linked. Changing data in A1 will also update the barcode.