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GS1-128 / (UCC EAN 128)


GS1-128 is a variant of Code 128 used mainly in retail distribution / logistics applications.

 GS1-128 is also called UCC/EAN 128

A GS1-128 bar code consists of an Application Identifier (AI) used to identify the meaning and the format of the data that follows it, and the numeric-only or alphanumeric data.

A number of Application Identifiers has been defined for identification, traceability data, dates, quantity, measurements, locations, and many other types of information.

BarCodeWiz ActiveX Specific

  • To enter the FNC1 character, use the ASCII 202 character - Ê - (press and hold the ALT key while typing 0202). You may also type ^F1 to achieve the same effect.
  • FNC1 is required only at the end of variable length data section. It is not required as the last character in the bar code. For example:
    • To encode (17) 041220, simply type 17041220 (Ê is not required with fixed length AIs)
    • To encode (17) 041220 (30) 15, type: 170412203015 (Ê is not required at the end)
    • To encode (30) 15 (400) 12345, type: 3015Ê40012345 (Ê is required after 15, because the AI of 30 is variable length)