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Barcodes in Excel with VBA

Use BarCodeWiz ActiveX macros in your own VBA code

  • This macro is equivalent to selecting the cells A1 to A6 and clicking on Selection To Barcodes on the toolbar. It converts data from cells A1 through A6 to barcode images.
Sub MyMacro()
   Application.Run ("AX_SelectionToBC") 
End Sub                    

The following functions are equivalent to clicking on BarCodeWiz toolbar:

  • Application.Run ("AX_Options") : Opens the Options window.
  • Application.Run ("AX_Sequential") : Opens the Sequential Number Generator window.
  • Application.Run ("AX_SelectionToBC") : Converts the selected cells to barcodes.
  • Application.Run ("AX_Labels") : Opens the Labels Wizard to convert selected cells to barcode labels.
  • Application.Run ("AX_Undo") : Undoes the previous operation.