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This method verifies that the current bar code is valid.


BarCodeWiz1.Verifybarcode As String ) As Boolean


By supplying the optional barcode value, you may check whether a bar code is valid without changing the bar code value of the component.


BarCodeWiz1.Symbology = Code_39 ' Change the barcode type to Code 39  

BarCodeWiz1.Barcode = "1234ABC"  
Dim bResult As Boolean  
bResult = BarCodeWiz1.Verify ' 1234ABC is a valid Code 39 barcode. Verify() returns True  
' This line checks for validity of the barcode 
' without setting the value of BarCodeWiz1.Barcode
bResult = BarCodeWiz1.Verify("1234abc")
' If the value is valid then set the barcode
If bResult Then BarCodeWiz1.Barcode = "1234abc"