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Barcodes in MS VB6

  • To insert BarCodeWiz ActiveX into your project, go to Project->Components...

  • Select the appropriate Type Library, and click OK.

  • BarCodeWiz icon now appears in the toolbox and can be inserted on a form.

  • The following is the Visual Basic code needed to send a bar code image to your printer. It will print the bar code in the top left position of your paper (0,0).

  • See our Visual Basic sample application for a complete example of BarCodeWiz ActiveX in action.


  • To fix 'Error accessing the system registry' when adding the control to the toolbox, run VB6.exe with elevated priviledges (Run As Administrator).
  • To fix "Object Library Not Registered" on 64-bit machines:
    1. Open Command Prompt with Administrator priviledges (Start > Search for "cmd.exe" > Right click on cmd.exe and select "Run As Administrator")
    2. Type the following commands:
    cd c:\Windows\SysWOW64
    regtlib msdatsrc.tlb