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Barcode Labels in MS Word 2003 or older

Start Mail Merge

  • Go to Tools -> Letters and Mailings -> Mail Merge
  • Select Labels from the Mail Merge Task Pane and click on Next: Starting document

Select Label Layout

  • Click on Label Options... and select the label layout.

Select Label Data

  • Click on Next: Select recipients.

  • Click on Browse... and select Mail Merge Data.xls from:
    Documents\BarCodeWiz Examples\Barcode ActiveX Control\Mail Merge Example

  • Click OK in the next two windows.

Arrange Labels

  • Click on Next: Arrange your labels.

  • Place the mouse cursor inside the first label and click on More items...

  • Select the Barcode field and click on Insert. You may also add the Product_Name field, add a text description or insert an image.

Select Data to Convert to Barcode

  • Surround the field with brackets. Only data surrounded with brackets will be converted to barcodes.


  • Click on Next: Preview your labels and Next: Complete the merge.

  • Click on Edit individual labels in order to merge to a new document, and click OK in the next window.

Complete Mail Merge

  • Click on Convert All on the BarCodeWiz Toolbar in order to generate the barcodes.