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An optional checksum character may be calculated and added to increase scanning accuracy of a barcode. This property affects Code 39Code 39 ExtendedInterleaved 2 of 5, and Standard 2 of 5. It is ignored in all others.


Note that many symbologies (such as UPC-A) require an already-calculated checksum character. Do not use OptionalCheckChar property for that purpose - it will be ignored. BarCodeWiz ActiveX will verify the supplied checksum character, and will notify you if incorrect.


BarCodeWiz1.OptionalCheckChar [ = enum]


The settings for enum are:


Constant Setting Description
No_Check_Char 0 Default setting. Barcode is encoded as entered. No checksum character is added.
Barcode_Only 1 Optional checksum character is encoded into the bar code, but not shown in text.
Barcode_And_Text 2 Optional checksum character is encoded into the bar code. It is also shown in text.