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Supplemental Text in Barcodes Using LinkedCell in Excel

  • This tutorial shows how to add text above and below the barcode. The values come from three different cells in the sheet. The barcode updates automatically when these cells change.
  • We accomplish this using LinkedCell and VerticalBarTextEntry properties.
  • See the previous tutorial for basics on dynamic barcodes in Excel.

Step 1. Setup

  • In this example, our barcode value is in cell B3. Supplemental text is in cells B4 and B5.

Step 2. Combine into One Cell

  • Our data must be in the following format:
    BARCODE|Top Text|Bottom Text
  • To do that, we enter this formula in cell A1:
    = B3 & "|" & B4 & "|" & B5

  • The Result:

Step 3. Insert ActiveX Control

  • Click on Developer tab > Insert > ActiveX Controls > More Controls > BarCodeWiz Class
  • See the previous LinkedCell tutorial on more information on how to insert the control.

Step 4. Set Properties of the Control

  • Set VerticalBarTextEntry to True
  • Set LinkedCell to A1

Step 5. Position the Control and Set Other Properties

  • BackColor: &H00C0FFFF& (Yellow)
  • Symbology: UPC_A
  • ControlAlignment: Middle_Center_Align
  • OutlineStyle: Dash_Outline
  • OutlineVisible: True
  • OutlineWidth: 30