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EAN 13 Barcode Example EAN 13 Barcode Example


EAN 13 is used in retail environments outside in North America. It is a numeric only barcode, always 13 digits long. It consists of a country code, manufacturer number, product number, and a check digit.

BarCodeWiz ActiveX Specific

  • Enter 12 digits to have the check digit (13th digit) automatically calculated.
  • If you enter 13 digits, BarCodeWiz ActiveX will verify whether the check digit is correct before displaying the barcode.
  • 2-digit and 5-digit add-ons are supported. Simply append the digits to the barcode number. For example:
    • 5-digit add-on 99999. Check digit (1) suplied: 511111122222199999
    • 5-digit add-on 99999. Check digit (1) will be added: 51111112222299999

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